The aim of this tumblr was to provide an out of the way space for my rants and thoughts about useless and not so useless stuff.

I figured Facebook didn't need these posts which span hundreds of words clogging up the feed.

So, to that end, I created this happy little tumblr.

If you know who I am, good for you. If you know stuff about me, good for you. If you want to talk, discuss, argue or converse then the appropriate actions,

10th June 2014

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My El’Druin, The Sword of Justice replica.

Possibly the world’s greatest birthday present.

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20th March 2014

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Know your foe.
It is your success.

Know their number.
It is your count.

Know their structure.
It is your frame.

Know their positions.
They are your map.

Know their order.
It is your form.

Know their objective.
It is your heart.

Know their times.
They are your chance.

Know their language.
It is your code.

Know their methods.
It is your advantage.

Know their skills.
They are your challenge.

Know their weapons.
They are your arsenal.

Know their uniform.
It is your disguise.

Know their nature.
It is your mirror.

Know their taste.
It is your poison.

Know their joy.
It is your target.

Know their field.
It is your home.

Know their rules.
They are your shield.

Know their foe.
It is you.

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23rd January 2014



Occasionally, I like to rant and rave about all the various things that are irritating me but I know should not bother me. This is one of those times as it’s come to the point where I’m sitting in my room complaining loudly and bitterly to myself about a section of people that are just too hypocritical and annoying to tolerate any longer.

My problem is that I like to follow some people I know in reality on this site in order to keep some tabs on what’s up with them, potential conversation pieces or to identify areas I should avoid.

I’m also massively nosey, ( “an unquenchable curiosity” is how I like to describe it), so I like to know things about people and have information on their dealings. It’s fun to have power like that.

Anyway, these people I follow have the annoying habit of being some of the most hypocritical, ignorant, pretentious and downright toxic cunts I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. Cunts may be a bit strong but I’m a little mad now, so I’ll stick with cunts. Besides people need to read/hear that word every now and then just to remind themselves that words are just words and what’s offensive is the tone they are spoken with and the venom that comes from the speaker. They also need reminding that being offended isn’t a free ticket to have their own goddamn way all the time.

So, the core of this rant is going to be focused at those I see who like to be apart of the “social justice” scene that exists on this site. The kind of people who reblog constant waves of posts about feminism, sexism, racism and homophobia all whilst trying to be involved in every cause, every victim’s story and everyone else’s drama because they’re either afraid of their own or have nothing to really complain about in their lives.

This isn’t to say that theses aren’t real issues, it’s more to say that reblogging a bunch of shit on this site, sharing it to facebook or linking it to friends does fucking nothing for the cause and ends just reaching out to smother people’s desire to help these causes and desire to associate with these people.

Reblogging anti-sexist propaganda - and I mean propaganda because it’s almost entirely false or baseless - does nothing on thsi site because, to all appearances, the majority of this site is inhabited by women who share the same goddamn opinion.

It’s the equivalent of, (quite literally), preaching to the choir.

It’s the same deal when people link a bunch of protest-esque like material and complain about the “system” or “the media” or twelve thousand other buzzwords they’ve picked up from psuedo-intellectual conversations.

That is the equivalent of my Dad yelling at the sports on TV, suggesting better plays, better styles and better umpire decisions.

It does nothing and you’re not the one playing, you’re watching and not contributing to the actual event or movement.

However, I’d be almost ready, - almost - to forgive and forget about this sort of thing if it weren’t for the blinding hypocrisy that they represent.

These people on one hand complain about the privileges of the wealthy and the injustice to various groups and the on the other hand are from a middle class background, in relatively liberal nation and belong to the “racial” group that holds all the power.

The next part of this rant deals with the issue of these pretentious twats wanting to be “nice”, “tolerant”, “accepting” or just in general politically correct. They spout a bunch of shit about how we should be acknowledging people’s identities (whether the people in question want these ignorant folk to or not) before turning and asking about “how many black friends do I have?”, then have the sheer audacity to imply that I’m racist when I say “I just have friends, I’m not counting how many of them are black or white, male or female, they’re people, they’re my friends,”.

These people try to imply that others are racist when they’re sitting around counting the different ethnic backgrounds of their friends like it’s a goddamn “collect-the-set” kind of deal. They have the temerity to claim that they are not racist or sexist or privileged when in fact they are all these things.

They claim that the women are being made to feel horrible about their bodies before going off to reblog fashion models, designer clothing and exclaim over how “sexy” celebrities are. They claim that women are being exploited and judged and seen only as sexual object before oogling the crap out of Jensen Ackles or one of the Hemsworths.

And these are the “smart” people that I’m wanting to rant about.

Admittedly, this ranting and raving is ultimately pointless, is filled with unresearched and misrepresented opinions, is offensive and hypocritical and I won’t turn and say it’s not.

What I will do is say that’s true to me and I’m willing to bet that it’s true to others as well.

Next time: I take a stab at people that I feel are being pathetic. That’s always so popular and nice to do.

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21st January 2014

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You are the architect of your own misery.

You design it, draw the blueprints, build the walls, lock the doors and bar the windows. You live in your creation, telling yourself that you are not to blame for what you live in.

How could you be?

You only designed it. And found the right people to help you build it, gathered the materials yourself and then, when it was finished, locked yourself inside.

But never mind all that!

You want people to buy it because you think it is worth something; worth quite a lot actually. Not that you would ask for much. No! Never! Not you.

Why else would you build it?

But how to sell this design you’ve created?

How to sell the dilapidation, stagnation and the sour smell of failure?

You give it a fresh coat of paint.

You plant posies, daffodils. Roses and orchids. Great oaks and palm trees.

You cover it in superficial and meaningless colour because it’s the looks that sell?

Isn’t it?

Yes, that’s what sells.

So you make it look nice, pretty and frilly so it will sell.

You hope the tenants,

(Yes, tenants for they will only rent and then only because they are desperate. They will never buy, never own, never share in what you’ve created. Never constant, only temporary until a better thing comes and it always does)

don’t notice the cracks in the walls, the buzz of the termites and the crawl of the mildew. You hope they see the fresh bought flowers. You hope they see the plastic smiling photos whilst never noticing how crooked they hang for the walls are misaligned. You hope and believe.

You hope they don’t notice the weak foundation, the crumbling walls and the fact that it is too broken to be fixed or to be lived in.

(The taps don’t work)
(But look at the drapes!)
(The toilet doesn’t flush)
(But smell the roses!)

(Never mind the cracks in the floor; they show character!)
(And isn’t character and “personality” more important than being liveable?”
(Isn’t it?)
(Isn’t it!)

You designed this and you think it’s beautiful.

It just needs someone to fix it and to take proper care of it. Someone who is smart, handsome. kind beautiful, talented, nice, rich, funny dedicated and loving.

Surely that is not too much to ask for?

That a perfect person will come along and fix the misery that you’ve created?

"That is not too much to ask for," you say.

"Surely not!"

"Surely not."

"Surely not?"

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12th December 2013

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Vanity is Tasty.

I’m a bit of a vain and proud person. I take pride in what I do and I often do things very well. I also try to do well in everything I do, whether I’m suited to it or not.

I never understood why people took no pride in their work or had too much pride in some misplaced tradition that they refused to do something.

Something like baking.

I made myself a Caramel Slice Based Mango Smoothie Cheesecake.

That’s what I did.

And it astonishes me the way some men can label baking for women.

I’m a man and I make some goddamn excellent food.

That thing tastes like a solid mango smoothie with chunks of mango and this sweet-ass caramel slice to base it.

I don’t see the value in declaring something to “be for women” or something to “be for men”.

I see the value in being able to be good at whatever you try and trying whatever you need.

That fucking cake has fresh pieces of mango in it, delicious fresh mango juice and a goddamn caramel slice for a base.

I don’t just make food, I motherfucking create food.

I take pride in my work and I feel good when people enjoy my work.

I just need to work on presentation and lighting.

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17th September 2013

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Pictures: Glimpses at the Soul?

There’s a saying/superstition/belief about photos and cameras:

They can capture your soul.

Now, I don’t subscribe to that belief because the idea of people using cameras to go about cramming people’s souls into jars/shards/gems/voodoo is stupid. However the idea that photos can perhaps show a glimpse of what people are really feeling, their true personality or their true nature is entirely possible.

This is particularly true with “selfies” as the photographer is the subject of the photo. It’s quite common to see those “bathroom mirror selfies” and just think about how unbelievably fake those people look. They look superficially fine, still attractive from a strictly physical stand point, but everything is forced and you can see that they aren’t really taking a photo to show how happy or fine they are, it’s more like they’re taking the photo to try and prove that they are happy and fine.

The “selfie” captures who they really are; it captures their personality. I’ve seen many people take many “selfies” and they usually look happy on the outside but goddamn ugly in terms of personality and who they really are.

Now, this isn’t a thing to say that “inner beauty” is better than “physical appearance” because they’re both valued differently for different people.

It’s more to point out to people that maybe your problems aren’t to do with physical appearance or common beliefs about beauty but maybe your problems are caused by your outlook, your actions, your ignorant self-righteousness.

And all the pretty looking photos in existence are not going to change that. The photos have captured a pretty good glimpse of what you are and it’s not as pretty as you think.

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26th July 2013

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26th July 2013

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The North Remembers.

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22nd July 2013

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The Burning of Prospero

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22nd July 2013

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